Flu season!! Protect Yourself

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Want to protect yourself from Flu? What are the natural ways of enhancing immunity?  Find out..




I\'ve had this big crush on a cabmate recently, I dunno how I developed such a euphoria for her but I could feel one good difference: It never felt like having a crush, I felt like the whole world was shrinking around me while the time I spent with her felt like a lifetime. Day by day, I started to look forward commuting with her, spent time exclusively on how to keep my conversations going, started to relate to ARR\'s songs and struggled hard to flirt with her too... I remember even the slightest details in the conversations I had with her, I just hope that I see her for one last time to convey to her about how I\'ve felt whenever I think of her, I just think that this will be the only escape from what I\'m feeling.




nice article


There is a fine line between love and obsession. Love is all about giving.. making sure you do everything to make the other person joyous. Obsessions on the other hand is all about demanding. We demand their time, attention, care which leads to feelings of resentment. Though these 2 may appear like opposite ends of a spectrum, yet I have personally seen how love may cross over to the other side over a period of time. The key fundamental that has been a great comfort to me is: Give and forgive. Hope you may benefit from it as well.


good article. but love should be pure.