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Specifically designed to cater to the emotional needs of expecting employees and their families, this programme starts during pregnancy, and assists employees until they are ready to return to work. 


Stage-specific interventions, expert-curated content, assessments and activities.
Convenient emotional care
WhatsApp-based platform enabling instant conversations with dedicated maternity counsellors who are familiar with the individual’s context and concerns.
Care for your eco-system
Extended support and guidance for expecting and new mothers as well as their spouses, immediate family and managers to navigate this transition.
Dedicated maternity counselling
Connect with dedicated and qualified maternity counsellors for guidance.
Community support
Provisions for community groups, discussion forums and group therapy to connect peers facing similar concerns.
Personalized coping strategies
Maternity stage-specific interventions, expert-curated content, assessments, activities and FAQs to solve all queries.