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Any crash diets you follow, whether it is low fat or low carb or high protein... Or you follow a healthy and balanced weight loss regimen... All diets ask you to drink lots of water! Some even claim that water washes your fat out (sounds too good to be true!).

Is there any science behind the theory of water helping you with weight loss? Let's try to find out!

There are people who would drink half a litre of water 15 minutes prior to lunch and/or dinner, so that they will end up eating much lesser than they normal do and so it will help in weight loss.

As health experts, we do not support this method of weight loss. Losing weight should always be about eating right and not about eating less! Choosing the right foods will provide you with all the essential nutrients, build strength, improve your immunity, and keep you away from lifestyle related health issues.

Water is considered to be one of the most important nutrients! Drinking sufficient water has its own health benefits. It helps you stay well hydrated, keeps your skin & hair healthy, regulates your body temperature, regulates your blood pressure, keeps your joints cushioned, helps you absorb all the water soluble vitamins, also helps your digestive system function well! With such a long list of health benefits, who wouldn't want to drink more water?!

Sometimes, especially in summer when you think that you feel hungry just 30 minutes after a meal, just try to drink a glass of water (and see if you still feel the same). Many times, it's not hunger, its thirst!

Consuming more water than your body can comfortably take is not the way to lose weight. Water can definitely help you avoid over-eating by filling your stomach, but water shouldn't ideally be replacing your normal food intake!

Don't lose out on nutrients which you get from food (and which can help you lose weight in a healthy way).

Water will not wash out your body fat; exercising definitely will. Let's raise a glass of water to good health!


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Water is good for our health

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