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Weight loss at any age is always a priority for women, more so after pregnancy! As you have gained it over a time of 9 months, it will take a few months to lose it too. You just need to give your body some time to cope with the delivery. A proper diet, good physical activity and believe it or nor - breastfeeding (!) are the three things which will help you lose weight in a healthy way gradually.

Since your baby's only food for the first 6 months is breast milk, your diet should contain a balance of all the nutrients in the right amounts. A nursing mother usually needs around 300 kcal more during lactation. But if your baby has started with foods other than breast milk, you can start your weight loss regimen.

Go for healthy foods; avoid any crash/fad diets. Including whole grains, lots of vegetables and good amount of protein will give you a balance of many nutrients. If you are a vegetarian, you should include plant proteins such as pulses, legumes, dals and sprouts along with low fat dairy products. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can go for eggs, fish (if you aren't allergic to it) and lean cuts of chicken.

A good amount of vegetables and fruits will keep your fibre intake in check. Staying well hydrated is also equally important for weight loss!

Any kind of physical activity will help you get rid of the fat mass you must have gained during pregnancy. It helps to keep your muscles flexible, and also builds strength! You can consult a fitness expert on what kind of exercises can help you best in that phase.

Our Wellness Coach can help you with a customized diet plan, so that your efforts for losing the post pregnancy weight can be in the right direction!

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