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  • Is Social Media Influencing your Eating Pattern?

    Think about how much of your Social Media feed is filled with pictures of food - most probably a lot!

  • Raising Children Who Are Open To Change

    Having a flexible approach to work and life is an extremely valuable skill. Especially in the current work environment. Inculcating these ideas at a young age can be particularly useful since a child's receptiveness to learning new skills is high at a young age. Read more to find out how you can raise a child who is open to change. 

  • How To Deal With Having A New Boss And A New Team

    Changes at the workplace are a near constant. However, sometimes these changes can affect you in ways that are a little difficult. Shifting to a new team and working under the guidance of someone new takes time. The transition involves getting used to many changes. This article explains some of the ways in which you can learn to adapt better to this new situation. 

  • Managing the Effects of Change Due to Frequent Job Transfers

    Having a job that involves frequent transfers can take its toll on different people. From children who might have a hard time adjusting to new places, a parent single-handedly managing taking care of children while their partner is away, aged parents not having the comfort of their child being around when they need the support. Let's look at some of the ways in which these situations can be managed better. 

  • Is Change the Answer to My Problems?

    We are sometimes of the belief that if we had that one big change in our lives, our lives would be completely different. Life would become easier to manage and the majority of our problems wouldn't affect us as much. However, sometimes, it's also true that we get the desired change we want in life but our levels of happiness don't really change in the long-term. 

  • Transition from Campus to Corporate Life

    Moving to a new job from a collegiate environment comes with a lot of changes. While there is the aspect of financial independence, watching your work make a difference in the real world, there are also a whole new set of responsibilities that come with this new phase in an individual's life. Read this piece to learn a few important points to keep in mind that will help you manage this change better. 

  • Is Maintaining a Journal One of the Secrets to Successful Weight Loss?

    Many of us start out with our weight loss journey full of dedication and enthusiasm. But as days pass we may slip into a laid-back attitude and lose all our enthusiasm to our hectic schedules.

  • A Healthy Approach to Menopause

    Preventing unhealthy weight gain with consistent moderate exercise and a calorie-controlled, nutrient-dense diet is the key to staying on track.

  • Maintenance and Motivation: Going Beyond Weight Loss

    Making the transition from weight loss to weight maintenance has challenges of its own.

  • Haywire Hormones

    The work of hormones is subtle; we don't tend to think about their importance and the functions that they carry out, unless something goes off balance!

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