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Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "A stumbling block to the pessimist is a stepping stone to the optimist".

We all may have something we want to change or incorporate in ourselves. For example:

"I wish I was better at taking feedback."

"I wish I could stand up against injustice."

"I want to be like my supervisor who perseveres despite all obstacles".

Your attitude regarding work, relationships with colleagues, managers and subordinates or even how you handle challenges in your personal and professional life can be changed. It happens when you acquire new knowledge, experiences and have a sincere desire to change. Then, you are capable of making the change in your attitude for the better. 

Let us look at the measures you can take towards altering your attitude. 

1. Think about the attitudes you want to change 
Picture what you want to change or improve and briefly describe it. For example, you might want to be more patient with your difficult boss or a slow colleague. 

2. Make up your mind to adopt those attitudes you are aiming for 
Not only is it essential to decide to make the change, but also to make efforts to achieve the goal. You need to constantly remind yourself of the change you want and make small goals to reach the target. 

3. Use the image of the "ideal you" as a model for your behaviour 
Imagine the situation, for instance, with the demanding boss. Picture yourself empathising with them and understanding why they behave this way. Could it be because of pressure from higher management? Or is it just their personality? When you are in that situation, use this imagery and put it into action. 

4. Choose to create a positive atmosphere around you and be surrounded by positive people 
When you are positive, motivated and determined, interested, confident and kind-hearted, the people around you also feel the positive energy you exude. Similarly, when you have negative attitudes such as jealousy, sarcasm, anxiety, impoliteness, anger, and apathy, your negativity could impact those around you with such feelings. So, for example, smile, greet your manager, talk to them and look for optimistic and complimentary things to say. 

5. Celebrate your successes 
It is not easy for us to change our behaviour, and you must celebrate each time you see yourself making even a tiny attitude change. 

Just like your attitudes can influence others, you too may be affected by the perspectives of others. For instance, when you hear someone or a group express opinions with a pessimistic outlook, be aware of how that affects you. Then, take action to ensure that you walk away from it, change the topic of conversation, and do not allow your perspective to be influenced by others. Think for yourself! 

With the right attitude, not only will you be more receptive to new ideas, think of better ways to overcome challenges, but you will start noticing more new opportunities. So, take steps to transform your attitude for the better today. 

However, it is also important to remember that we can't be optimistic all the time, and for the times when it is very difficult to look for a bright side of a situation, it is okay to reach out for support.  

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Poohey on 23 Nov 2020, 18:21 PM

im impressed with the article. it is so very important to have empowering beliefs as it does help us in motivating ourselves and serves as a fuel when we slow down and not progress during set backs.

Hemalathard on 16 Apr 2019, 22:26 PM

It is helpful.however waiting for opporunity ,Writing aspire and IJp still getting failure from 5 years of journey matters!