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LGBTQI+ - Inclusion at the Workplace

In recent times, the world of work has chosen to embrace a culture of Inclusion. Contrary to earlier, most organizations in India are committed to promoting an inclusive environment for all regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation. There is an atmosphere of greater openness and acceptance of the LGBTQI+ community, which has led to more individuals deciding to "come out" and talk about their sexual orientation at the workplace. As colleagues or managers, we need to be aware of our attitudes and reactions towards this and ensure that an environment of acceptance is provided.

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LGBTQI+ - Responding to your loved one

In recent times, homosexuality has become a part of the mainstream culture and has gained more acceptance. However, hearing that a family member identifies as gay can still be a difficult experience for both the family and the one opening up. To know how you can navigate this experience, read on.

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