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  • Working Around the Diet and Exercise Challenges of Shift Work

    Working on shifts can often take a toll on your eating habits, sleep patterns and exercise schedule. Rotational shifts can further throw things out of balance. Many shift workers eat unhealthy foods, skip exercise and also have disturbed sleep. This can lead to weight gain and other associated lifestyle related diseases.

  • Innovative Ways to Eat Healthy while on a Budget

    With escalating costs of food, it may seem like eating healthy is a challenge. However, eating healthy has its benefits, we need to learn how to navigate around these increasing costs while still getting healthy calories.

  • Lunch Menu Planning Made Easy

    Try these easy to prepare lunch ideas so that you do not have to depend on your office cafeteria or a nearby restaurant.

  • Budget Strategies Before Baby Arrives

    Now that you will be having a baby, you'll need to adjust your budget and spending habits. In addition to the costs of childbirth and prenatal care, as your baby grows he or she will need clothes and baby gear. It helps to plan ahead and be a smart spender. Here are some practical ways to help you plan finances for your bundle of joy.

  • Right Time to have a Baby

    The right time to have a baby of course depends on both of you as a couple. You need to decide when it would be a good fit for you. Here are a few factors to consider so you can make a thoughtful and educated decision.

  • Handling Differences

    If you belong to different religions, castes, communities or races, how will your child be brought up? What are the beliefs and rituals that will be followed?

  • Am I Ready to have a Child?

    Readiness is a subjective and highly personal thing. Being ready to have a baby does not mean you have to have everything in your life sorted out completely.

  • Have you started with Folic Acid yet?

    If you are in the planning stage, you should visit your Gynaecologist and get to know the do's and the don'ts for conceiving. One of the important things to be started is folic acid supplement!

  • Pocket Money - Learning Financial Management

    Managing your finances is such an important life skill, however, no school teaches children how to do that. Pocket money or allowance can be a great way to teach children money management skills. By managing their pocket money your child can learn how to make decisions, deal with limited resources, and understand the benefits of saving and donating.

  • Why You Need to Save

    Living from pay cheque to pay cheque is frightening for anyone, but especially so for someone with a single income and a family to support. Here are some reasons which may make you consider the importance of building some savings in your account.

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