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Grandparents As Caregivers

In today's busy world of dual career couples, many find it a great relief to have grandparents watch their kids instead of relying on hired help. Though it saves a lot of worry and expense, having grandparents as caregivers presents it's own challenges. It's not as easy to lay down rules or express dissatisfaction with parents/in-laws as it is with hired helpers. Here are some ways to deal with these challenges.

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The Importance of Making Wills

A person can ensure that his/her wishes with respect to assets and property are followed after his death only if he makes a Will during his lifetime. Would you like to distribute your property to the person of your choice or just let it create tension and trouble among your loved ones? In the present scenario, where the courts are filled with petitions on property disputes giving rise to long drawn legal battles, it is very important for every individual to execute a will during his or her life time, to avoid any kind of ambiguity and to rightfully leave their assets and wealth to whoever he/she chooses to.

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In-Laws: Building the Relationship

It is a fact that when you get married, you not only marry your spouse, but you also marry into the family or ?system'. Your in-laws can be a tremendous source of support and closeness, but they can also cause problems in your marital relationship. These issues could range from a minor interference to having total control over one's spouse and over the relationship. How can one deal with this?

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