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  • Grandparents As Caregivers

    In today's busy world of dual career couples, many find it a great relief to have grandparents watch their kids instead of relying on hired help. Though it saves a lot of worry and expense, having grandparents as caregivers presents it's own challenges. It's not as easy to lay down rules or express dissatisfaction with parents/in-laws as it is with hired helpers. Here are some ways to deal with these challenges.

  • Caregivers: The Working Mom's Lifesaver

    Resuming work poses the heart wrencing question of "Who will take care of my child?" in the minds of most mothers. If you plan well in advance and have a fair idea of what to expect from your baby's caregivers, then you will be able to do justice at work without worrying too much about your bundle of joy.

  • Creating a Circle of Support around your Baby

    As a new parent you need all the help that you can take and apart from grandparents, we in India have the extended family as well to rely on. Though it is very comforting to know that there are so many people that you can fall back on, it comes with its own pitfalls and you need to maneuver with tact and skill. Let's take a look at how we can walk this path.

  • Balancing Work and Motherhood

    The demands on a working mother are tremendous, there is so much to do and just one of you! No one can be Supermom. Here is a look at what goes into balancing your role as a mother and an employee

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