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Learning the Art of Assertiveness

You have a lot of assignments pending and a classmate asks for help with a project. Would you say 'Yes' or 'No'? 

You may find yourself saying 'Yes' when we really want to say 'No' for various reasons: 

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How to be Assertive

As you know, being assertive is a skill that we all require in varying degrees. It seems straightforward enough, but when it comes to implementing it in practical ways, we struggle. Learn how to be assertive, especially if you tend to be passive aggressive.

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Assertion: A style of Communication

Have you ever felt like saying 'no' to someone but said a 'yes' instead, compromising on your needs? To know more about learning the skill of assertive communication, take a look inside and enjoy the new you .

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Women's Relationship in the Workplace

Girls get better grades at school than boys, and in most developed countries more women than men go to university. However, women still get paid less and few make it to the top of companies, and those that do get to the top level, have to face a lot more opposition than most men. Thankfully, there are things women can do to overcome these stereotypes and prejudices and achieve success


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