When Your Boss Plays Favourites

favouritism favourite low morale unfairness

Favouritism in the workplace can leave employees with a sense of unfairness and can affect their motivation at work. Often, employees feel powerless in these situations. However there are ways that the situation can be handled. This article below suggestions what you can do if you are facing favouritism at your workplace.




This is a very interesting article, and I could definitely draw some parallels with my experience as a teenager in school, when the teacher would give more attention to a particular student. And research has shown that teachers who pay special attention to the performance of their students tend to fare better than those who do not receive such attention. Perhaps this could apply to workplace relationships as well, such as the employee performing well because of the extra attention, or the boss paying extra attention to the employee that has been working well; therefore causing some confusion as to where the cause and effects lie.
- Avneet Kaur