How Do I Talk To My Spouse About Couple's Counseling?

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Couples counseling can help couples work through conflicts and rebuild their marriage. It may not always be accepted, perhaps because we have families to talk to and help us, or one partner does not want it. At the same time, there may come a point where we don't want to involve family, the problems are not going away or we just want a better relationship. This article will describe how you can speak to your spouse about it.




This is a very interesting article, and I could definitely draw some parallels with my experience as a teenager in school, when the teacher would give more attention to a particular student. And research has shown that teachers who pay special attention to the performance of their students tend to fare better than those who do not receive such attention. Perhaps this could apply to workplace relationships as well, such as the employee performing well because of the extra attention, or the boss paying extra attention to the employee that has been working well; therefore causing some confusion as to where the cause and effects lie.
- Avneet Kaur