Teaching Children to Handle Failure

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Failure is something that none of us are comfortable with and if it were possible, we would very likely banish from this world! But that again depends on what our conditioning and beliefs are about failure. What did the significant adults in our lives teach us about success and failure or how did they handle failure? Herein lie vital clues about our own belief systems, the influence this has on our take on the matter and how we talk to our children about failure.




This article encapsulates the struggles of children seeing faliure as an oppurtunity to learn rather than just a setback. Parents are naturally tasked with the role of guiding and helping children navigate failure, foster a growth mindset and build resilience. Some strategies mentioned here that are applicable from the early years of the child are: resisting the urge to immediately solve an issue for the child, encouraging impulse control practices, and pushing them to brainstorm potential solutions by themselves. As parents, active listening, validating their feelings and encouraging their efforts can go a long way. Additionally, the value of praising their efforts rather than results and teaching the teens to be mindful of parental expectations have garnered fruitful results. By doing the above, parents can instill a sense of resilience and perseverance in their children, teaching them to view failure as a learning opportunity rather than a defeat.