Maintaining Your Emotional Well-Being During The Lockdown

work life balance COVID 19 lockdown

With our entire nation going under lockdown for 21 days, life has become very different from what it was a couple of weeks ago. As we progress with the lockdown, it has become clearer that these are extraordinary times, and thus, there is this need for extraordinary measures. Although, one thing is for sure, that this change is unprecedented and something we weren?t prepared for. ...



I find your 'trusting their judgement' the best hint.. I am trying to do this to the best possible extent. It is this point that we as parents fail to recognize in our teens... And even if we as individuals recognizes it- the spouse too must recognize the same-- it is in fact a delicate balancing act for both mother and father as each one has his/her own ideas on the relationship with friends and the level of influence of friends.

Thank you...