Four Failings: Why Relationships Fall Apart


Healthy and stable relationships comprise the most meaningful aspect of life, giving a source of deep fulfilment. Hence unhealthy relationships lead to additional amount of stress in our life. Get an insight about why people experience difficulty in their relationships.




Communication is an art that is extremely important in every relationship. I remember reading somewhere its us vs. the problem rather than me vs. you. Important to remember while dealing with conflicts in a relationship.


Albeit a quick read, the article precisely focuses on what could go wrong in a relationship. the visual aid at the beginning of the article straight away stresses the importance of resolving difficulties that come up in a relationship. I like how it not only mentions the cause of these difficulties but also implies how these causes can be prevented or rectified. I especially like how the involvement of family is tackled in the article and how it can prove to be helpful in a relationship if it leads to engaging in communication rather than halting it.