Digital Life Balance

Phone-Life Balance Lifestyle Management

It is normal to spend time on your phone. It is afterall, a space to access so much information and entertainment, keep in touch with our loved ones' and many more uses. Is it possible to optimise our phone use to make sure we are in control of the phone and not the other way around? 




Personally, managing phone time does become a task, sometimes. But at all times, understanding/questioning what is the reason I am on my phone alot would give you a root cause to what we would call a bad habit. I think this article highlights understanding the reason of excessive use really well. - Siddhi




I liked the line:
treat our free time as special
we need to ask ourselves is: what is the root cause of our excessive phone use? What is it about the way we currently lead our lives that causes us to do this?


This is a great article, I enjoyed reading it. I would like to add that one way that I worked towards building such a balance was to put my phone on silent when I was around others. I explored the settings and found that I could mute message and WhatsApp notifications, while having my phone ring when I got calls. I did this because I know that message notifications never really end, and it would not only cause disruption if I was talking to a friend, but it would also distract me and cause me to feel the urge of checking my phone. So far, this has been a very useful method.
- Avneet Kaur