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All of us experience change on a day to day basis. This change maybe short term - for example, with regard to routines or certain activities that we may or may not do. There could also be more long-term and life defining changes such as getting married, moving to a new country, changing jobs, even losing someone to death. Accepting and accommodating to change is not easy for most of us. This article explores ways to make transitions smoother for you...




In schools, offices, bus, mall, trains, air bus..etc entire world should carry 5 to 10 bulletproof protector (in Hindi -dhaal) some strong people can hold protector and other can hold chairs, bench, bags, suitcase.. etc. which protect you by firing and move together to target one object during attack.


Change To change everything according you, your friends, your relatives, your state people or according to your country absolutely not because this change benefits only some not all... Then what is really change and where we can apply. Change our self each day each moment where you find improvement adopt it, where you find growth adopt it, where you find knowledge adopt its..a day will come you will find a big change every were because biggest change of world is change own.


i am getting shy and fear, if i talk to in the meeting or crowed