School to College: A Phase of Many Transitions

school to college self-care

For most students transitioning from school to college, happens to b the first time they will be living by themselves. There are several other changes that students have to adapt themselves to, to get used to college life. Read more to find what are the different things students can do to make this phase of change an easier one. 




Having a support system is crucial for an individual to live a good life. Listing the kinds of people who will aid in our improvement is very helpful.



This was helpful. Thank you.


This was an insightful article. I could reflect more on my own support systems and it was interesting to see who falls under which bracket.


This was a very interesting read. From the title, I couldn\'t have thought that the article would focus on our support systems. The way that the article put forth levels of support systems that we could learn to identify really fascinated me. We all have friends and family around us but to appreciate them in a way where we understand how they are supporting us is important and emphasizes the necessity of having that support system around us.


why i get disturbed when a close family members give a gift to me
Example : accepting shirt as a gift in there sons marriage


This was very insightful and self reflective peice. Helped me feel more resourced too. This article reminds me of the \'Pod\' by Mia Mingus for transformative justice. Really enjoyed reflecting over my support system and the various roles people have in it. Which is can be bi directional too. I believe recuprocity is key to lasting healthy relationships. - Kavya Bose