Time Blocking: The Technique That Makes You Own Your Time

Time management procrastination work-life integration

Is multitasking really as efficient as it's made out to be? Or is there a better way that helps you feel more in control of your time?

Find the answers in this intriguing article.




I liked your thoughtful post on time blocking. In my experience as a new counsellor, this method works especially well for stress management and increased productivity. The doable and simple-to-follow practical actions offered, such as making a weekly to-do list and a time-blocking template, are highly recommended. Since they are essential for preserving balance and attention in our everyday routines, I appreciate that flexibility is emphasized and multitasking is discouraged. Time blocking appears to be a valuable strategy for personal objectives and self-care routines in addition to work-related chores.

- Sharika


Was feeling overloaded with Tasks I had to do. A big \'To do list\' was piling up. The section \'Applying Time Blocking..\' was very useful. Gave some good ideas. Feeling confident.