Kids and Household Chores

Housework chores duties three year old five year old involve your child training pre-school

Does the idea of getting a young child to help around the house sound strange? We tend to do as much as possible for our children as an expression of our love for them. Rather than thinking that we are burdening our children, we should recognize that we are training our children for life. This article has few useful tips how you can involve your child in everyday routine and get a chance to bond more.





very informative and practical examples given. I have been using almost all of these with my 5 year old son. More and less, I am successful in achieving this. However, if you are living in joint family, then there is difficulty in applying these rules, when you are gone to work or away. Please suggest some solutions to handle that.


Very helpful article. Most of these were advised by my child's pediatrics doc as well. Thanks.


Very exciting and informative