Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse - A Primer for Parents

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Child sexual abuse is a topic that obviously makes people uncomfortable. It is a distressing and abhorrent act but a reality that we have to face. Here are some guidelines on how to prevent it. 



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It can be emotionally damaging to the child and lead to behavioral problems in life. They are not taught the right thing to do but just asked to stop the behavior. It can lead to self criticism and self hatered.


The title caught my attention and the article is overall well written. It may also be helpful to introduce the concept of positive and negative reinforcements, which research has shown works better than punishment!


what if the child is super stubborn and doesn\'t listens as all (as a result of extra pampering)... 2 yr old daughter i am talking about...
Is mobile or tv good for such toddlers ??? coz thats the easiest way to calm them...
please advice me.....


Definitely, spanking can not be the way to treat the wrong things. In today's world independence is coming at early age. In previous generations kids were dependent on parents for long period and one of the understanding was to 'stay together forever....' Now a days, even child of 10 year want his freedom to live his life. I was taking permission from parents for every thing ( Still not sure because of respect or fear), But surely, I won't have that connection if I break current trust with my son by spanking.


I don't fully agree to this, my parents used to spank me (not injure) when I did some thing wrong but they have showed unconditional love to me at all other times. Now I don't have any hard feelings with my parents I completely love my parents and I feel that they had hit me and controlled me for my goodness. this is only my point of view


While theer is no doubt on the ill effects of spanking, retsraining at those critical moments by a parent is a real challenge. but the suggestion, to apologize to the child is very practical and it works well.