Only a Housewife

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Do you know someone who is a full-time housewife? Maybe you've looked at her with envy thinking what a nice life! She stays at home all day. No tensions, pressures or deadlines. However, there is another side to it.




Recently I came to know that my partner is cheating on me with our common friend. Yesterday I confronted him but he is still denying that he is cheating on me. I have given all the proof to him but he is neglecting all those proof and saying that is not accurate proof. I have a 1 year baby and now I dont want to spoil his life because of us. I know my partner lost interest in me long back. Thats why everytime I bring the topic of sexual intimacy\'s, he always give some kind of excuse for the same. I dont know what to do. I can\'t tell all this things to my parents.