Care of an Alzheimer's Patient

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A person with Alzheimer's may react with frustration, agitation and even aggression when they find that automatic tasks have become difficult. Your loved one's ability to function and cope will steadily decline and may even vary from day to day. Try to stay flexible and adapt your routine as needed.




Money. It\'s truly so important to set financial boundaries. Fincial boundaries us also an act of self care. Especially in the system se live in, it\'s sometimes so enmeshed and unclear as to how to have a dialogue about finances, yet setting this boundary and having periodic conversations with partner and family is required for long term mental and physical health. A sense of autonomy, in certain aspects and in any relationship is very important for most of us and a sign of well preserved self . - Kavya Bose


There is always a conflict on the amount of contribution, even a joint account opened did not work .Need help on this