Is it Time to Let Go

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Some relationships are not made in heaven and certainly not meant to last "till death do us apart" . If you think you are in such a relationship, it might be better to pull the plug now rather than regretting it later. Of course, like most things in life, it is easier said than done - there are several reasons why people stick on in impossible relationships, perhaps hoping for a miracle that would make things better




@uncovered13- You said the female employee didn\'t know him, right? How did the male employee get emotionally attached to someone who he just saw everyday, but didn\'t even know? Could it be that the female was only trying to be a polite and friendly colleague and the male read the signs wrong?

And also, even if the female did like him, maybe she lost interest in him. Any person is allowed to say no to the advances of another person at any point of time. Even though it feels terrible, a person is allowed to move on.

So instead of trying to point out who is at fault, why not consider just being the better person and moving on with your own life as well?


Women sometimes behave in so insensitive ways that it feels like some of them are inhumane.


What if the female employee tried to lure another unknown male employee just by staring, facial expressions and gestures as she don't know him. It went for around 1 year. The female employee started everything and when the male employee started getting attracted and emotionally attached to her also thinking that the women likes him, it comes out that after so much of staring going for around 1 year, later when the male employee tries to know her name and talk to her, she didn't even speak to him and also blocked him on social media. I want to know who is at fault in this ?