Bodily Changes in Girls

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A girl's body goes through dramatic changes during puberty. Know what to expect so that you can prepare your daughter in advance.






It is really hard to be a woman as it comes with so many roles and expectations. In the daily grind, women tend to forget women do tend to ignore their own needs and wishes. Me time for every woman should be prioritized. it gives a sense of peace, and the ability to cope and makes us self-aware.


It is quite true how women often lose themselves while trying to make things around them flourish. Self care and other personal hobbies are a must so that women can keep in touch with themselves and flourish on their own


This is so true , "Remember the announcement on an airplane for emergencies - first put on your own oxygen mask and then help your children or fellow passengers. ". Tied in the daily grind, we often forget to take care of ourselves..