Encouraging your child to read

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Reading, is considered by most experts, to be one of the most important habits you can instill in your children. A child who is a good reader has a tremendous advantage at school. Take out few minutes to learn some new ideas as to how to get your child reading more.




There is a positive and flip side to every type of arrangement. One should consider and choose wisely what is suitable and healthy for themselves.


?You will often face parental and societal disapproval. Are you prepared to face the consequences or well equipped to keep up the secret? - So you consider this as something illegal and a taboo to keep this a secret?

?Keep issues of child bearing and rearing in mind. - Seriously What? Why does everyone want to talk about child and pregnancy when it comes to relationships and marriage?

?Don\'t drift into a live-in relationship try and talk about the future, think about being obligated to the other person, think about future commitments. - So to summarize, you\'re saying no to live-relationship and it\'s always about the future and commitments.


poorly written -> highly judgemental article.


It\'s a good read for someone who has already experienced something of this sort but for someone who is considering to move in with their partner, I think the article was drifting more towards why live in relationships are a complete disaster. It kind of lost the neutrality aspect as the topic does not really specify the drawbacks only. The suggestions for discussion were pretty insightful.