E-mail Etiquette at the Workplace

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Easy access to mails and blogs on the phones, laptops and desktops has popularized the time-saving, travel-free social interactions. It has become easier to opt for work from home, manage a team from a different location and organize an official meeting without much running around just by one click on a mouse. However, since e-mails are permanent records of a person's contribution to work, it is also essential to follow some email etiquette and guidelines that convey professionalism and efficiency.




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This article is helpful for anyone who has just started working and need some reference on the communication and relationship front.


What is work relationship.. Getting good relationship with senior to move on next level absolutely not by this you can grow but your knowledge remains same Making friends in office and enjoy life absolutely not because friends looks good outside your work life.Then what? Construct good relationship with your work and system where you are working, understand organization rules and regulation first then understand what amount of work your organization system wants by you then if you get time involve activities which is your hobbies and strength which present your organization with your effort..during this automatically you will find good relationship with your seniors and every time you will find friends