Do I need a Counsellor or a Psychiatrist?

Counselling Mental Health

Psychologist. Psychiatrist. Counsellor. This article attempts to clarify the difference between these terminologies, which will ultimately provide the correct information to the readers so that they can choose the person who they think can help them best.




It is also sad to see that MH professionals address themselves and counselling or clinical psychologists without the required qualifications and training. This should definitely be monitored more in our country.


I think this is a confusion which many people have, and due to lack of answers and clarity on this are automatically discouraged from seeking help. Articles like these can help to provide clarity about whom to approach and hence help kickstart the process. I would like to add though that it might have been more helpful to also throw some light on when to approach whom ? by highlighting certain situations/symptoms which different professional are more suited to address and hence to approach them.