Coping with Emotions at Work

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We all have moments when our emotions get the better of us. Not surprising, considering the fact that we face stressors at the workplace that include budget cuts, layoffs, deadlines, irate customers or an unreasonable boss maybe. Of course when things are going well,  work is a breeze but it is when things get rough that negative emotions come into play.




This article comes with a lot of good emotional coping techniques. Some of them might sound simple enough but they are very essential in dealing with others in the workplace. Having to take a step back and processing your emotions so that you can accurately evaluate a situation proves highly successful when one opts for such coping. The idea of a \'worry box\' is also unique and gives us something physical to turn to in times of distress and take charge of the situation.


The content of this article is easy to read and engaging. It gives strategies that would be helpful if used regularly by the reader. I would have liked to see more specific pointers on how to manage emotions at work, in order to make practicing them easier.
The words used in the last sentence sounded a bit strong to me. I feel it may help to replace the sentence with something like ?managing emotional responses can help promote a safe and healthy working environment?. This will help ensure that no one feels labelled or blamed in case they\'ve responded in unhealthy ways in the past.


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