Student assistance program

24/7 support for students in higher education

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SAP Features

Empowering students with tools, resources and expertise to navigate their academic and social life on campus
Dedicated Counsellors
Connect with dedicated counsellors who have expertise in delivering care to student and youth population
Aligned to Academic life
Attend group sessions and training aligned to key moments in academic life, whether placements or exams
Empower Student Advocates
Specific trainings including emergency protocol; tools, resources & support shared with campus mental health advocates
We support student volunteers form communities to create awareness around Mental & emotional well being as well as this programme
Videos, Podcasts, mailers
Customised to student life with a focus on topics around academic & social life and relationships.


Student Life

Mental Well-being



About Us is the largest Employee Service Provider (EAP) and has been in the industry for the last 18 years. We provide free, confidential and professional counselling services to the members of institutions that we are associated with..

Being in college comes with both, moments of joy and pressures in social, academic and personal spheres - everybody has bad days. Given the pressures that students face in the different spheres of their lives, it is understandable for them to feel distressed. At such moments, it is very natural for negative thoughts to cross the mind, leading the individual to feel impaired in certain ways.

Our counsellors will assist you with getting past adversities and emotional upheavals by helping you learn new coping skills. These will prepare you for various new transitions you will go through in college life.

To reach out to our counsellors, call CLAT Toll-free: 1800 2588 345 or non-CLAT Toll-free: 1800 270 7121.