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 Mental Health Support Checklist

This checklist contains some questions or statements which might help you in making a decision about whether you wish to visit a Psychologist or not. If you find yourself replying "Yes" to any of these questions or statements mentioned below, it might be a good time to reflect upon this further.

  • I wish I had someone to talk to, who will help me resolve a problem situation.
  • I want to work on a particular aspect of myself, but I don't know how to go about it.
  • I have supportive family and friends, but I still need someone else to talk to, who can understand what I am feeling or going through.
  • I have been wondering how I work on certain aspects of myself to improve overall.
  • I want to work on a particular skill.
  • I have tried everything else to resolve my concern, but my frustration is just not reducing.
  • I want to have a better relationship with my parents/siblings/partner.
  • Is my past affecting my present?
  • I don't know how to deal with "life" in general
  • I want to live a more fulfilling life.

If any of these questions/statements resonated with you, it would be helpful if you talk to a Psychologist about the same.