Why this campaign?

What makes one thrive at their workplace?

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, there are three factors which most employees believe are crucial for their growth in the workplace. Namely, Career, Cause & Community.
We all want to experience growth and development at our workplace and we also want our work to matter, which explains the first two factors. But belongingness is a big part of feeling at home at work. Having a sense of community at work builds that.
Workplaces are communities, built around the relationships we have with our peers. These relationships can be a source of energy, learning, and support.
When these communities are bound by a central idea, especially one aimed at encouraging good mental health by fighting against stigma and shame and encouraging open conversations— we lay the foundation of a workplace where everyone feels supported, encouraged, and valued for the work they do.

Why this campaign now?

In the last couple of years, the workplace has undergone many transformations, some necessary, some forced by the pandemic. All of these transitions have introduced a distance and disconnectedness in the workplace community. While we are yet to figure out what the future of the workplace looks like, we can work to dispel the disconnectedness by coming together as a community to create mentally healthy workplaces on this World Mental Health Day!

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