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Emotionally Strong & Resilient Workforce.

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What we do

We are an emotional well-being platform that helps employees prioritise their emotional and mental health. In so doing, we build resilient organisations.

We have over 20 years of experience delivering personalized services & interventions to over 750+ companies across India through a network of 200+ counsellors & psychologists. Our interventions are: 

Evidence based
Expert driven
Contextualized to India

Our Products

Specialised, industry-Specific Solutions

Our Employee Assistance Programme offers research-based and evidence-backed interventions primed to enhance employee well-being and productivity.

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Integrated approach for smooth transitions

Our Maternity Programme provides personalised emotional care to employees as they begin their parenting journey. It supports them, and their immediate family and work networks in managing this important life and work transition.

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Support for success

Our SAP programme assists students in succeeding in their education, by providing them insights, resources and counselling support outside of the classroom to maximise their potential.

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Targeted solutions for specific concerns

This programme offers services to shift-work employees to enhance their physical and emotional wellness. It empowers them with science-backed strategies to manage their work-life balance, build optimal routines through a combination of counselling, training and assessments.

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We have been partnering with 1to1 help on employee assistance program, since 2012. Our long term association is a proof of WNS’ belief in 1to1help’s competency in counselling and customer support. 1to1help has enabled us to bring a world class counselling service to our employees so as to manage the emotional wellness @ WNS. Their innovation and commitment to create and conduct different and exciting floor activities, have been really appreciated by all stakeholders.

Gopal Agrawal
Chief Internal Business Officer - WNS Global Services

We at PTC Software India had the privilege of engaging for providing professional services in the area of EAP to our employees across all our office locations in India. We were impressed with the overall quality of services provided by the team of professionally qualified counsellors and the support team. They have developed the art of understanding each requirement uniquely and handling sensitive information pertaining to employees with utmost care. is not just another EAP partner, they are truly a professional organization with a service oriented mind set.

Kamal  Vatnani
Vice President - Human Resources - PTC Software (India) Pvt. Ltd

We at Siemens have partnered with for the last 5 years and it has been a symbiotic relationship. In an era, where employees today have a lot of stress within and outside the organization, we have together enabled our employees to deal with this stress effectively. It has been an exciting and mutually rewarding journey and we wish to work together this way always.

Ramesh Shankar S.
EVP & Head of HR - Siemens Limited.
User Feedback

1to1help supported me during my divorce. My sessions with them helped me get an understanding of healthy relationships. They helped me move on from my past and release all the negative emotions. They have been a great ally to me.    

I want to thank 1to1help for their Significant contribution to my healing. Not only were they patient and welcoming, but they also encouraged and motivated me. They helped me when I needed it the most.

I had been looking for someone to hear me out without passing any judgements. I couldn't even talk to my spouse. A session with 1to1help gave me a safe space to vent and erase all the negativity.

I am so pleased that I tried the sessions. It is incredible how the counsellor understood me so well.

The counsellor's detailed explanation helped me a lot. It allowed me to resolve my concerns. I am very grateful to them for that.

1to1help provided me with the help and support I needed in my professional and personal life. I feel more centered now and can perform my tasks well.

The counselling sessions at 1to1help enabled me to collect my thoughts. Before this, I didn't believe that counselling could help me, but collecting our thoughts and understanding them does make a difference.

Before talking to the counsellor here, I was not able to open up to anyone this much. I am grateful to 1to1help for encouraging me to share my thoughts and feelings.

I want to thank 1to1help for their support. They gave me a judgment-free zone for airing out my issues and provided me with effective solutions. I feel free and happy now.

Opening up to the counsellor has been a game-changer for me. Our sessions have helped elevate the quality of my life in multiple aspects, and I am very thankful for this. I am now moving closer to achieving my vision of a perfect life from a life of stress and addiction.

The telephone sessions have been very fruitful for me. The last session gave me the courage to face my truth and accept it.

1to1help enabled me to start taking care of myself. They helped me stay on track with my routine. But most importantly, they gave me the power to be happy. Truly happy!

What 1to1help did for me was nothing short of magical. They guided me through the roughest part of my life and pulled me out of the pit I was sliding into. I follow their tips and teachings every day, and I'm so happy with who I have become.

We have been associated with 1-to-1 Help for Employee Assistance Program since April 2020, and since then it has proved to be a great asset during the time of pandemic. The company has really been very pro-active in anticipating the needs of its clients during these challenging times.


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