Telling Your Child They Are Adopted

Adoption biological parents when to tell how to tell adopted child adoptive parents

Adoptive parents face several unique parenting situations and challenges. One of them is the all-important question about how and when to tell your child that she or he is adopted. Knowing the truth about where we come from is an important part of our identity. This article gives you guidelines as to how to go about telling your child that they are adopted.




I liked the article. I have realized how it\'s important to not just prepare on how to deliver the information but also deal with many other factors like addressing doubts, helping the child process mixed emotions, etc.


I really enjoyed reading this part \' Offer your emotional support but correct any beliefs that you think are unfounded\' , the depth this one sentence holds. Emotional regulation and validation. The ways of introducing the topic through story is safe .- Kavya Bose