Self-Confidence at Work

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Self-confidence is vitally important to our success at work. It directly affects not only our level of performance but also reflects in our interactions with colleagues, clients, as well as bosses. This can have a huge effect on our relationships at work and our growth and success in our careers. Here is what you can do to improve your self-confidence at work.




appraisal should be linked to performance and not future revenue associated with the appraisee for the appraiser\reviewer. An associate does not join the team knowing his\her billing rate and If an associate is mis-fit in current team and wants to think about his\her career then it should not impact appraisal. Appraisal should be fair with only based on work given and accomplished.


It should be 360 degree appraisal to avoid discrimination between appraise and appraiser. Every team member should have rights to express their feedback on respective supervisors. it should not be one way feedback and all should know as a supervisor he/she is managing well or not within team. More connectivity, continuous feedback to be given, empower team , support team when they mistake, do not ever demotivate. Please make it 360 degree appraisal to make every employee is responsible to their role and task and listen feedback from team members before supervisors rated on their performance


It would have been better if you had said how to tackle the things, every employee or manager experiences more or the less same. no need to explain the feelings once again on the paper. if you have mentioned how to manage such emotions, this article would have been useful.


Dear Subhash_jsr the article says that comparison is not the right the way between two employees. Please refer the What does the manager go through? again it says "Being careful that they are not comparing two employees." Moreover comparison is not the right way to evaluate and employee, each and every individual is different from other either in their work or behavior or in their character. The article also says the same thing what you have been perceived .


Appraisal is not comparative or superlative activity. It should be an relative activity, to check what is in you and how it has performed. You can always object and clarify if someone making it comparative.


appraisal or comparison between two employees ? and how far is that right ? are two employees has same potential, knowledge, attitude and similar job and job load ? this is not explained to us while recruiting.