Death of a Parent: Helping Children Cope

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A child's world is dramatically altered when a parent dies. A deep sense of insecurity often results from this early loss. As adults, it is imperative to include them in the process of the parent's illness and eventual passing away or else they are left alone to make sense of a truth that is too large and too painful for them to handle alone.




Reading this article made me think about how parents have to be aware of their own emotions before they can help their child. It also made me think about how sharing grief could be helpful rather than putting up a wall of stoicism in the face of a family member\'s death.


Most of the times it is much tougher for the grown up like people in the age of 13-20 to cope up with it than children. I remember reading a peom written by a girl who had lost her mother . she said in the poem that it is 4 years you have gone and sometimes i feel like why God didnt take me with you. I feel an article must be published for these as they are in more grief than the children