Am I A Good Father?

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Today the word 'Dad' has a whole new meaning over what it meant 30 years ago. Today's father has moved much beyond being mere 'Figure Head', the provider, the protector, the person the kids looked up to but could never approach. The modern dad takes an active role in raising his kids. While the expanded role is definitely a step in the right direction it doesn't come easy to most men. 




Article definitely captures couple of Good things... but , Since the children learn by seeing of us more than teachings of ours. These days ACHARYA PRASHANT is trending due to honest and truthfull views that each of us have and also kind of parenting which is the real need of the time!! do go and read ! wonderful thoughts


A father should never compare and put down the children in front of otheirs which causes a child to a have negative attitude towards life. Father needs to support his child at any moment.


Nice article...