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Have you considered using the EAP but hesitated, wondering if it would really help? Here are some opinions from those who have already used it.
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Some descriptions of articles:

"... informative... simply and clearly written... excellent research done... absolutely amazing, motivating and inspiring, great analysis; Keep writing such articles. Very helpful, the suggestions are really wonderful!"

"I've been visiting your website for quite some time and now I feel confident to open up with a serious problem I have as I feel it will be secure and safe with your counsellor."

"I have thought of visiting this site for a long time, but now I got a chance and had a requirement at this moment. When I was going thru all the links available the information looks fantastic. Now I realize that I have missed a lot by not visiting this site till now. Thanks for all the information made it available. Very soon I am also planning to contact a counsellor using online."

"This is an amazing article. When I was reading it, I was feeling that somebody has observed me and had written all this about me. Each and every part matches my experience in life."


"It is really fabulous. I have received immediate responses every time and excellent suggestions."

"This is a brilliant service, both the speed and quality of responses has been fantastic. I feel as if someone has put an arm over my shoulder and is talking to me, keep up the good work."

"I liked the counselling service, it's really excellent for people like me who are unable to share the things easily with either family or friends. I often felt suffocated at times keeping the things shut inside me, but sharing with someone, and especially when someone understands you and your concerns, really helps."

"Thank you for the insightful mail again. You must know that these communications are really making me feel lighter and therefore, I am more receptive to change now than ever before. Had I known earlier that I could speak to some professional of such personal issues and be heard without being judged, all the while maintaining the desirable confidentiality (sp online), I would have done it much earlier. Please know that I am highly grateful to you for this great job you are doing in my case!"


"I have found these sessions helpful. I could see different perspective of my problems and was able to work on my concerns. I will use the services again in future if I need it."

"I never thought that someone whom I don't know can understand me so well"

"Thanks for being there for me and supporting and caring for me I don't know you but i will always remember it."

"A friend appears from nowhere- has time for me, understands my perspective, is genuine, is warm, is accessible, is knowledgeable and of all she knows what I should do! Dialing up for a counsellor is the last thing I wanted to do. And I did that five months ago, without much expectations. I had trouble handling my new personal life and the emotional impact it had in my day to day routine. I wouldn't say I am free from my problems, but certainly I have a different approach to it, a balance, and of all clear guidance. Sometimes, you know certain things, but need a sensible person to help execute. I am glad I took a decision that day to speak to my counsellor."

"I would like to accept one thing here that it's really working...the way counsellor handled my problem and advised me that's fabulous."


"For me, it is very good to be able to talk about my problems/life/feeling without being judged and with someone who is trying to understand me and also show me what I may overlook in other person behaviour. So talks were objective and giving me good suggestions to make myself calm. Counselling is a "fixed point" - so between the sessions, I still "keep talking" to the counsellor in my mind, which actually helps to see the things from different perspective. It also makes me more observant of my and family behaviour - and to be objective, i.e. not to remember the bad/wrong things, but also notice and remember good things. Thanks to the counselling I have also realised where I am doing some mistakes, which I am now (slowly) trying to change, such as not to take things too personally (and "ignore" lots of things)."

"On an organization level, fixing appointments always run smoothly. and I was informed in advance, if there was an unexpected change in date, with suggestion for a new date. I am very satisfied with your services and you help me a lot. Thank you and please keep up with good work."

"After counselling I felt, yes I can take things forward with positive attitude and with more self-confidence. That made me more proactive in taking my decision in difficult times. Thanks for the counsellor for the excellent job done."

"My counsellor was very professional, warm, genuinely helpful and excellent at what she does. She is a patient listener and enabled me to look for empowering solutions to my problems."

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